• Its about time Facebook goes green, thinks Greenpeace

  • facebook_logo.jpg “The whole world’s on Facebook!” yeah you’ve probably heard of that one before. Well, Greenpeace get the jitters every time someone says that aloud. And no, it isn’t because they hate socializing. They just hate the use of coal that ends up in the form of pollution, effecting our environment to a significant amount, all thanks to Facebook’s data centers, coal guzzlers. The organization has been pressuring Facebook to reduce their dependence on coal, and the website sure has paid some heed to this, with its energy efficient new data center. Today, an increasing amount of new users are logging on to Facebook everyday, and its no wonder the need for larger data centers has increased too, which means more coal use. 500,000 people currently support the cause “Unfriend Coal” on Facebook itself, hoping the social networking giant will look to cleaner forms of energy to power up data centers.

    Hopefully all the persuasion does have an impact on the social networking site we all love chatting, posting and updating our status messages on, and Facebook goes greener with some energy efficient data centers.

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on September 6, 2010