• Italy turns away from non-degradable single-use plastic bags

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    We’ve heard of plastic bag bans in the LA County and San Jose before that pulled out all those plastic bags from shops and landfills, giving way to paper bag use and reusable bags. Now the whole of Italy has decided to dump away plastic bags as a nationwide ban on plastic bags begins. Single-use non-degradable plastic bags will now be museum artifacts and will never again be used in Italy, as the country switches over to greener ways of carrying groceries home. According to statistics, Italy uses 25% of all the plastic bags in Europe, which is roughly around 25 billion a year. Keeping away these type of bags will also do away with pileups at landfills, with non-degradable bags clogging the environment.

    A typical plastic bag has a life of just 10 minutes after which it is disposed. It’s time for a change and reuse degradable bags, saving the environment from a plastic-chocked doom.

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