• Interactive ‘trees’ at The Orchad in Austin respond to touch with lights and sounds

  • interactive-tree-1The world needs its greenery, but given the fact that the human race simply can’t keep the axes away from trees, creative technology studio Chaotic Moon along with design firm Gensler has come up with futuristic ‘trees’ that will help increase the aesthetic value of open urban spaces, particularly heavily-concretized areas that don’t accommodate real trees easily. Called The Orchad, this 30-foot-tall interactive tree responds to visitors through light and sound. Currently installed in the technologically advanced city of Austin, 30 of these trees are anchored by a steel pole that works as a ‘trunk’.

    Using touch and motion sensors hooked on to arrays of LEDs, these interactive trees respond with lights and sound when touched, poked or pushed. Quoting Ben Lamm, co-founder and CEO of Chaotic Moon, “We built Chaotic Moon in this city because we believe in its potential—and the fact that nearly every leading name in tech has built an outpost here is a testament to that. That’s why we’re partnering with global leaders like Gensler to drive the future of how technology affects our parks and our cities—starting with our hometown of Austin.”



    [Via – PSFK]

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