• Indian coal-fired power plants kill more than 120,000 people a year

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    While most of the countries around the world are realizing the true potential of clean and green energy, a few countries are struggling to keep up, including the economic superpower, India. The country is one of the most populated in the world and to keep the lives of its people powered up, the nation continues to resort to coal-fired power plants. However, this has led to the deaths of nearly 120,000 people a year, says a report by Greenpeace!

    The rising industrialization and polluted air in India has caused 80-120,000 premature deaths along with 20 million new asthma cases. These numbers are a cause of concern and India seriously needs to cut down on its emission rates. Amongst Indian metropolitan areas, Delhi and Kolkata regions were found to be the most polluted. These were followed by Mumbai, western Maharashtra, Eastern Andhra Pradesh and the Chandrapur- Nagpur region. It indeed is about time India realizes the need for cleaner and more environment-friendly power sources!


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