• Illinois Northwestern University develops edible Co2-absorbing sponge

  • edible-Co2-absorbing-sponge.jpg
    With the human race forever piling up Co2 emissions in the environment, researchers today are racing against time to develop Co2-soaking sponges that could help remove the smoky toxins from smokestack emissions and the like. These sponges use metal-organic frameworks however, most of which are made from crude oil and contain toxic metals. Now, the guys at the Illinois‘ Northwestern University have come up with a way to soak in Co2 that not only keeps the air clean, but strangely seems to satisfy your hunger too! Made from sugar, salt and alcohol, this sponge is a cleaner MOF that the ones developed before, and given the fact that it uses edible items to manufacture, it’s completely consumable!

    Now we’re pretty sure eating up a sponge containing a load of Co2 emissions trapped inside doesn’t seem all that palatable. Though, the fact that these sponges could make smokestack emissions a load cleaner does seem like a bright idea!

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