• IBM’s traffic signals start and stop cars, to prevent idling, increasing fuel efficiency

  • LED_traffic_light.jpg
    Jumping traffic lights will be a thing of the past. That’s if IBM’s dream comes true. No longer will you be able to gun your engine at the stoplight, and zip off before it turns green. You’ll just need to wait patiently till the lights go green. IBM’s street lights will remotely turn off and on your car’s engine, according to the changing traffic lights. The firm aims at increasing fuel efficiency, indirectly helping the cops ensure traffic rules are kept and decreasing accidents at intersections too!

    Using a few tricks and technology, the IBM system will receive position information from vehicles waiting at red lights to determine a queue of participating vehicles stopped at the signal, determining the elapse time before the lights change. The vehicle will be notified to start its engine after a while, with the car behind receiving a similar signal after a certain optimal time. This will keep away idling engines and fuel wastage, increasing fuel efficiency and making our vehicles cleaner and eco-friendly.

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