• I Lohas, Coca Cola’s eco friendly PET bottle with a twist

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    Coca Cola was always into being environmentally friendly… at least they used to think eco-friendly. Coca Cola Japan has jumped a fence higher to actually come up with an eco-friendly alternative, what with the summer kicking in and all. They have unveiled the I LOHAS twistable, environment friendly PET bottle. This design can twist neatly into a ‘2 gram piece of plastic that is said to be 40% less than other PET bottles’. What you do with this is buy the water, drink the water, twist it and then dispose. Here is where you will notice that it is indeed smaller than other PET bottles hence allowing you to do your part for the environment. So you will be quenching your thirst and satisfaction. Two-in-one. A winner.


    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on June 5, 2009