• Hydrocar – A clean green toy car for eco tots

  • Hydrocar.jpg It is time to introduce eco-awareness amongst humans from a very tender age. As the graph of global warming is escalating rapidly, we cannot wait to teach our kids about the need to change their lifestyles after they grow up. And Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has some real interesting educational toys that aim to teach young eco-tots everything they need to know about renewable energy. Designed as the “chemistry sets” of tomorrow, the company offers various kits to do so. I had to force my self to pick up only one right now and that is Hydrocar. Zooming straight out of future, this vehicle is powered by water only and solar energy. It runs on clean hydrogen fuel using a next generation reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell.

    Once the water is poured in the cell, the solar energy starts working to separate oxygen and hydrogen in to two containers at the rear of the vehicle. The kit’s fuel cell unit combines water electrolysis and fuel cell functions into one device.
    Prized at just $85, such eco-friendlily educational toys should be promoted by teacher and parents so that our next generation is more green-street-smart!

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