• Human-energy generating DJ booth at Coachella has people running on hamster-wheels

  • Coachella’s-Human-Powered-DJ-Booth-1.jpg
    “Get on that hamster-wheel if you want the music playing!”- A subtle message sent out at the 2011 Coachella Music Festival. The music festival held in California made use of a one-of-a-kind DJ booth powered up with human-energy! Designed by Global Inheritance in collaboration with Coachella, this DJ booth made use of an energy-generating playground to power up. In order to supply sufficient energy and keep the music playing, people from the crowd stepped on bicycles hooked on to power generators, stepped on to human-sized hamster-wheels, energy-generating swings and hand-cranks. It did seem like to be a gym-like environment, with the music encouraging the people to break out into a sweat and power away!

    The installations were all hooked on to a lithium-ion battery that then provided the juice to keep the sound system alive. A great way to have people appreciate the need for renewable energy indeed, this unique booth will go down in the Coachella history books for sure.

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