• Hong Kong’s Sing Yin Secondary School crowned the Greenest School on Earth

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    Going green doesn’t cost much and all it needs is the heart and mind in the right place! One low-income school in Hong Kong recently proved this by being titled as one of the Greenest Schools on Earth by the U.S. Green Building Council! So how did the Sing Yin Secondary School manage the incredible without blowing away its funding to smithereens? The school put to use a bunch of energy-efficient installations including solar panels, green roofs and wind turbines. All of these add to the Sing Yin Secondary School’s eco-efficiency.

    The photovoltaic panels and vertical axis wind turbines provide the school with green juice while the oxygen-producing bamboo garden, the organic farm and self-contained coral aquarium add to its environment-friendliness. That apart, the school also uses LED lighting and energy-saving motion sensors, while a solar shade reduces the need for the air-conditioning system to run on full power. Apart from all of this, Hong Kong’s Sing Yin Secondary School also teaches its students the importance of being environment-friendly, helping spread the green message in its own small way.


    [Via – Inhabitat]

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