• Handheld fuel cell charger by Lilliputian Systems and Intel to hit markets soon

  • Lilliputian-USB-fuel-cell-charger.jpg
    The dawn of handheld fuel cell chargers are here, as fuel cell maker Lilliputian Systems ties up with world renowned geniuses of their trade, Intel. Heavily investing in Lilliputian, a Wilmington, Massachusetts based firm, the company will start off manufacturing silicon wafers for fuel cells. Powered by butane cartridges, these portable fuel cells are roughly about the size of a deck of cards. They have enough juice to power up portable music players, smartphones and other small devices using a USB connection. The device known as the USB Mobile Power System will hit market shelves soon with replaceable lighter-sized butane-filled cartridges too. These cartridges will cost a few dollars and are recyclable, adding a greener note to the whole concept.

    Expected to cost around $99, the USB Mobile Power System is the best way to remain all juiced up on the go!

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