• Greens on your center table purifies air

  • air_purifier_table.jpg
    The era of artificial air purifiers is now passé. Not only are they synthetic, but many a times use up a lot of energy. I’m sure you hate that fact and do feel helpless about wanting to conserve the environment, but never found a solution. Oxygen of Green presents a design of the future where they get you a natural air purifier table for your living room. Looks wise, it gets straight A’s for sure. And utility wise, even more! The concept implements a green patch at the center of your table that will generate a good amount of oxygen which naturally purifies the air. The best part is that these plants grow without soil, so there won’t be a mess too. This sleek and stylish low table is a must have in today’s time when maintaining a good ecological balance is our prime concerns.


    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on September 30, 2009