• Greenlaunches lines up 5 Eco-gifts for this festive season

  • LED_motherboard_kits.jpg
    Celebrate Chanuka or the Yuletide with these recycled LED motherboard kits ($20). Pick up from Motherboard Menorah or Motherboard Christmas Tree to keep yourself or young kids busy with these geeky DIY holiday kits.

    Grow your own greens with Mini Hydro Greenhouse ($25). The table top mini greenhouse uses advanced agricultural hydroponic technology as it grows fresh vegetables, herbs, plants or flowers all year round, without soil.
    Recharge your batteries with Battery Wizard ($30). Extend the battery life of throwaway batteries by 10 times or more as all the main battery classes such as AAA, AA, C, D and 9v block can be recharged up to four at a time.
    Keep a tab on time with the Double Sprocket Clock ($65) made from recyclable bike parts. With an 8″ face, this beautiful clock is made from a recycled bicycle chain ring pair, with a recycled bicycle cog and chain pendulum
    Swing with the plants ($355) by Marcel Wanders in the comforts of your living room! The seat of the swing can be filled with soil and seeds planted inside. As the vines grow up the ropes, it becomes a poetic resting place for either your garden or your living room.