• Green Sky Growers are all about eco-friendly farming

  • All we’ve known about our whole life is that plants and veggies grow on the soil and die when they’re uprooted. But the Green Sky Growers have uprooted the notion itself by employing a completely novel technique called Aquaponics. The farms are all around the roofs, pillars and walls of the place, making for an interesting watch. It is a mutually-beneficial farming technique involving fish culture and vegetables. Green Sky Growers are the breath of local restaurateurs who count on them for their weekly veggie supplies. Aquaponics is a combination of “aquaculture”, the farming of fish and “hydropinics” the raising of vegetables in soil-free, nutrient-rich water solutions.

    It is a system where fish waste is naturally transformed from into nitrates making them fit for plant consumption, which is further enhanced by plants that filter the water to strip the ammonia, providing clean water. This is very much unlike hydroponics or any other type of farming where a lot of toxic water is produced that cannot be recycled. The symbiotic relationship of fish and plants has been brought together in Aquaponics, making it a sustainable type of farming.


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