• Green, portable and self sustainable describes the PGA Prairie Hopper education Pavilion perfectly

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    Anderson Anderson Architecture has come up with an awesome design for an education pavilion, the PGA Prairie Hopper. Sustainable and easily portable, this one folds up and can be easily transported and moved to new locations, just like a shipping container. Being portable, it can be moved to various locations, easily, and is designed to encourage observation, making it a fun place to study, at sports events, environmental observations and loads of more venues. High efficiency photovoltaic panels and wind turbines to harness solar and wind energy power up this pavilion, making it ideal for some green study time.

    Using recycled and reused materials, this pavilion is a shade greener, using limestone-composite thermal and evaporative-resistant mass
    The pavilion also plays host to native prairie grasses, cactuses and loads of other green beings that thrive without constant supervision and watering. The education pavilion also boasts shade screens that can be adjusted according to requirements and folded up for transporting. Also solar thermal collectors help with potable hot water.

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