• Green Erg generator to charge up cell phones in Africa

  • Green-Erg-generator.jpg
    Undoubtedly, the market is flooded with compact, eco-friendly chargers for gadgets like cell phones and music players. But this form of green charging luxury is only limited to economically advanced countries. Most of the people from under-developed countries are not fortunate to afford this nifty chargers. For such folks, Dr. Cedrick Ngalande has designed the Green Erg generator. Originally intended for the residents of Africa, it is basically a dynamo which is being driven as a result of friction between the ground and the blocks. The small yellowish blocks (these are covered by rubber in the real commercial product) rotate as you pull it. They are designed to rotate even on bumpy run even roads. Based on the simple kinetic energy principle, this device makes the best of the energy that is expended while walking. The Green Erg generator can easily juice up the cell phones and radios as about 2 watts is generated at normal walking pace.

    Though the design of tagging it like a tail won’t appeal to most of us, it will certainly be of great help for electricity-deprived people of Africa. It can even be attached to an ox-cart, a skating board, bike, etc.
    [Dvice And Core77]