• GM and OnStar launch smart-grid pilot program

  • GM-smart-grid-pilot-program.jpg
    Making electric cars a lot more energy-efficient than they already are, General Motors has joined hands with OnStar, a smart-grid solutions firm, to develop a smart-grid pilot that will substantially help reduce charging costs for Chevy Volts around. The OnStar system being set up will help utilities directly control EV charging for the participating Volt users in the program, offering discounts or other incentives to encourage drivers to charge their EVs when overall electricity demand is lowest. Also, hundreds of utility workers will lease out Chevrolet Volt vehicles and drive them to work every day, plugging them in at night, participating in this program.

    A seemingly practical way to help reduce grid-strain and lower electricity bills making electric-cars more efficient, the program might as well spread out if all goes well.

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