• German company Cloud & Heat offers home owners free heat, in exchange for space to store servers!

  • cloud-heatIt’s common knowledge that cloud-service providers are usually faced with space crunches and have a hard time disposing off the excess heat cloud data centers produce. In an innovative move to address both these issues, Cloud & Heat, a German company, promises to heat your home, so long as you accommodate a server rack! To be eligible for this, your home must have a water tank that holds between 125 and 2,000 liters. Apart from this, you also need a dedicated meter for the DataSafe (quite logical), a breaker panel with room for three 16A circuits, and an Internet connection of at least 50Mb/s.

    Once you’ve got all of that figured out, Cloud & Heat will come install a server rack and you’ll enjoy free heat and hot water going forward! The company will cover broadband, electricity and maintenance costs for 15 years. Also, this is perhaps the geekiest way to heat up your geek den!

    [Via – Geek]

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