• Fuel cell cleans nuclear waste and generates green energy too

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    Sure nuclear energy is a lot more efficient than coal and oil fired power plants, though the waste created by these plants isn’t all that easily disposable. Nuclear waste can lead to loads of environmental issues, and if you’re one for sci-fi flicks, you probably know the side effects radioactive spiders and the lot of them can have on human kind. Researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) recently have developed a fuel cell that not only generates clean green energy, but also helps clear up nuclear waste. Using bacteria covered in a coat of tiny and natural nanowires that protect it from toxic substances, the fuel cell clears up radioactive spills, and while doing so, generates energy!

    A win-win development of sorts, the technology used in this one seems promising and could help save our world from toxic waste, while adding a few extra drops of green juice in our power grids!

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