• Flush Puppies, biodegradable poop pouches for your pooch

  • flushpuppies.jpgIf you’re beloved pooch has been sneaking out into your neighbors front yard all this while to answer nature’s calls, we’ve got you a better and more environment-friendly way to get rid of your dog’s poop. Poop bags for dogs aren’t new, though this one’s different, here’s how. Essentially a biodegradable poop pouch for your pooch, this one dissolves in water, disintegrating into water and carbon dioxide when submerged. This means you can now quickly dispose off you four-legged friend’s produce.

    Called Flush Puppies, though the name sounds like a cruel way to punish innocent animals, these bags seem to be a pretty good environmentally-safe way to have your doggie poop, costing US$8.97 for a pack of 60 8 x 10-inch (20.3 x 25.4 cm) bags.

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: on August 10, 2011