• First solar powered theme park in UK with 1MW plant

  • solar-powered-theme-park-uk.jpg
    The Crealy Great Adventure Park in Devon, UK, is all set to go green. The theme park will now have a new building, a little away from its “theme” that will help power up the park in a green way. Plans for a 1MW solar power plant are being drawn up, that could just find its way into the 100 acre park. Renewable energy company, Low Carbon Solar, will set up this photovoltaic power plant. The plant is expected to fulfill at least 90% of the park’s total energy requirements during the months of sunshine. This includes the power required for the roller coasters and the food stalls too! Unused energy will be sent back to the National Grid. a total of 18,580m2 of solar photovoltaic panels will be set up on the roof of the park’s main buildings while carports will also integrate solar panels.

    The move will keep a good 515 tonnes of CO2o out of the air on an annual basis. The park will also save enough energy to power up 200 average households in the United Kingdom for a whole year!

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