• Finland’s road to eco-consciousness, the green highway project

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    If you love the environment and happen to visit Finland, make sure you drive across the green road that will stretch from Turku on Finland’s southwestern coast to Vaalimaa near the Russian border, a whole 130 kilometers (81 miles) of eco-friendliness. The project will basically have the highway transform into a route providing ethanol produced from regional waste, biofuels and electricity. The idea was originally conceived by the municipality of Loviisa. The highway will be the first of its kind in the world and an example to others. It will include systems like smart lighting that will switch of lights in unused areas and adjust lights according to the weather.

    The municipality department is currently trying to figure out the feasibility of the highway. This one would cost around US$900 million and if everything goes as planned the highway should be ready by 2016.

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