• E-Scrap recycles e-waste to reduce the burden on landfills

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    E-waste heaps are rising sky-high and daunting our environment by releasing toxins in the air. An estimated 133,000 computers are discarded by homes and businesses every day in America! To tackle this menace of reckless e-waste dumping, a 16 foot tall and 60 foot long man-made monster is set up in Islandia, N.Y. This mammothic shredder at e-Scrap Destruction chews on to all the cast off computers and its peripherals, printers, fax machines and also cell phones with its steel blade jaws. The components are reduced to rubble that contains pieces lesser than four inches. This shredded material goes back on the belt, where an overhead electromagnet removes material containing iron as the waste moves along. Trace Feinstein, the founder of e-Scrap Destruction was determined to handle the scrap more responsibly. The folks at e-Scrap also respect customers’ privacy and ensure that no personal or confidential data can be recovered from hard drives or memory.

    From e-Scrap, the material is sent to MaSeR (Materials Selection and Recycling) in Ontario, near Toronto, where it is reduced to base materials like glass, plastic, copper and steel, which is eventually sold. Though the cost of erecting this e-waste shredder was $500,000, the founders of e-Scrap Destruction are very satisfied with their revenue. Obviously, at the rate at which technological changes are taking place, not only computers and cell phones but also domestic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and TV sets are finding their way out of the homes faster than their life.

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