• Energizer makes high performance alkaline batteries by recycling old ones

  • EnergizerWhat do you do once the alkaline batteries run out of juice? You throw them in the garbage bin, and contribute to the environmental pollution caused by the toxic substances they are made of. Energizer is one company that is making good use of old batteries. They are recycling the old batteries to make new ones. About 4% weight of Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries come from old recycled batteries. Energizer says that about 45% weight of the batteries will come from recycled cells by 2025. To increase the processing capacity of the batteries, Energizer is working with recycling companies in North America and Europe to make these high performance batteries. EcoAdvanced batteries have been reported to last longer than any other battery by Energizer, but they also cost 25% to 30% more than the standard ones.

    The batteries will be available in US stores this weekend; by the end of the year, they would be available all over the world. It has to be noted that energizer is not the first one to recycle old batteries; they are the first ones to recycle alkaline batteries. If you are interested in recycling one time use batteries, you can search options near you through Earth 911.

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