• Edible coffee cup Scoffee by KFC to sell in UK

  • scoffee-edible-coffee-cup-2Coffee and cookies are a great combination. What if your coffee cup was made out of cookie, so that you could drink the coffee and the eat the cookie afterwards? KFC has decided to ditch the disposable coffee cups and serve coffee in edible cups called Scoff-ee. Scoff-ee, an excellent product of gastronomic engineering is made up of a cookie shell in the inside and a layer of white chocolate on the outside to give it the look of the coffee cup you use every day. Apart from the looks the taste department was also taken care of very well. The Scoffees don’t only taste delicious but they smell divine too. They have been infused with aromas such as Freshly Cut Grass, Coconut Sun Cream, and Wild Flowers. The aromas used might remind you of warm weather, sunshine, and summer holidays.

    The edible coffee cup was invented by the food scientists at the Robin Collective. The scientists have created it keeping in mind the massive source of waste the disposable cups have become. The environment friendly (waste not, want not!) and the mouth-watering Scoffee cups will be available in UK as early as this summer. US release dates are not available as of yet.


    [Via – Inhabitat]

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