• ECord – An eco-friendly cord that brings energy leakage to light

  • ecord.jpg
    What’s that one thing that stands true for economy, electric, energy, and environment? ECord is the correct answer! Conceptualized to protect environment by efficiently reducing energy waste due to the ‘Standby Power’, ECord simply indicates the wastage by changing its color. Sporting a patterned new composition on its PVC covering, it goes from invisible to detectable mode when the specific range (from 1 to 15W) of current is passing through it. And if there is any loss due to standby power, noticeable pattern appears on the ECORD surface.

    The same system works for any information of unusual current, such as overload. Designed by Lufdesign and aiming to cut down on power leakage, this cord is more than just and electric cord. It actually will help to save environment, and further, save our resources too by reducing energy consumption. Don’t forget the cut down on electricity bills!

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on December 22, 2008