• Eco-gift: Vaccum Engine Car toys with alternative fuel

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    If the engineer inside you is toying to work on some noteworthy object over the weekend, or you simply want to buy an out-of-the-ordinary gift for your smart teen, then Vaccum Engine Car is the thing. Japanese hobby kit maker, Gakken, is out with a set that allows you to build your own vacuum car engine. Of course for $210, you cannot get a real hybrid car to zoom off in an eco-friendly style, but certainly a DIY eco-toy-car for green playtime. Sporting an aluminum body, iron shaft, brass valves, plastic steering wheel and a seat too, this vehicle feeds on alcohol fuel. It boasts of a real eternal combustion engine that takes about two hours to assemble without any special tools. Simply hit the gear and watch it go! Don’t miss the video after the jump…….

    Gakken vacuum car engine kit from JapanTrendShop on Vimeo

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