• Eco-friendly ‘Valentine to Times Square’ sculpture at Times Square, New York

  • Valentine_Times_Square_1.jpg
    New York is celebrating Valentine’s Day in a different style this year. City based architects, Gage/Clemenceau Architects have sculpted out an eco-friendly heart-shaped artwork to reflect the green spirit of the city. Dubbed as “Valentine to Times Square”, this sculpture can be found at the Duffy Square at the center of Times Square from the eve of the Valentine’s day till 22nd Feb. The ten-foot tall temporary monument reflects the lights and energy of New York’s Times Square on a delicate latticework of stainless steel. And this is lit by love’s shades of red, pink and purple by colored LED lighting across robot-carved shelves of horizontal luminescent Corian in Strawberry Ice. Ok so lets get to its green persona.

    Though the whole structure cannot be deemed as 100% eco-friendly, we do have valid reasons to allow this structure to flaunt a green feather. Made from easy-to-bolt, inexpensive steel, the sturdy core of this structure is covered with light weight bendable polished aluminum metal laminates. It is this material that primarily lends a green aspect to the whole structure as it is easily recyclable. Also it the usage of colored energy efficient LED lights that helps to add up to its green image. So how about declaring your love for your gal or guy in front of this green-red monument?