• Eco-friendly Toy – Amphibian Rover sails on recycled plastic bottles

  • Amphibian_Rover.jpg
    These days, even the toys manufactured for kids are being ruled by the eco-wave. Makers are pushing the idea of recycling, especially with clear plastic bottles which are difficult to recycle. In order to educate the young generation to be compassionate towards their planet, toys like 4M Amphibian Rover play a significant role. For $17, Playwell Enterprises has come out with a kit that will help the children to shape up a cool-looking rover that can go on water or land. All that is needed is four plastic or water or soda bottles that will play the role of wheels for the rover. Due for release in the coming March, the Amphibian Rover is meant for children aged 8 years and more. So next time think twice before dumping those bottles in the trash! This eco-friendly toy was also on display at the recent 69th annual Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair, Toronto.

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