• Eco-friendly kiosk that uses natural lighting and reuses waste water, the EcoKiosk

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    Just a short while ago, we came across the self-contained franchise and kiosk structure by Seale Solar. Here’s yet another of the type that could help businesses around go green and clean up their acts and the carbon footprint they’ve been leaving behind on the environment. Designed by S Fahmi Yusoff for Bizarreka Designs, the EcoKiosk is a perfectly green way to set up a business. With a roof that compliments internal heating and natural air ventilation, the kiosk also makes use of natural lighting during the brighter hours of the day. It also incorporates greenery that act as a buffer, soaking in all the Co2 produced while the structure also makes use of a rain water collection system.

    The water collected is stored below in a tank and is used to feed the greenery. The EcoKiosk could be the perfect way to set up a burger joint at the local park corner, in a green and eco-friendly way!

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