• Eco-friendly Hansgrohe Metris faucet line reduces water consumption by 60%

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    We all make those occasional trips to the sink to wash and rinse our hands below streams of water flowing out of faucets. This simple act of hygiene does at most times waste precious liters of water. To help conserve water, the new Hansgrohe Metris line includes five eco-friendly faucets that look great and work well too. The models basically vary in height and use the EcoSmart technology that automatically regulates water consumption to a maximum 5 liters per minute. This helps reduce total water consumption by a good 60%. The faucets with their different heights can be used for different functions; with the high-spout designs for filling jus and bigger utensils and the short one’s that work great to wash your hands.

    Water conserving faucets are the best way to save those precious drops of water from flowing unnecessarily down the drain that we’ve for long taken for granted.

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