• Eco-friendly Handy Heart Eco Warmer to beat the heat!

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    It’s about 2 months before you need to bring your attention to red hearts for Valentine’s Day. However I couldn’t stop myself from bringing this ‘green’ Handy Heart Eco Warmer to your attention. Coming from Japan, this hot heart helps to keep your hands warm in chilly winters. The fact that it is also eco-friendly at heart, has bought it on Greenlaunches. It isn’t the usual disposable type that makes use of certain chemicals to keep you warm. This one gets it heat by being boiled in water for 10-20 minutes. Thus it earns the tag of reusable too.

    For just about $6, the Handy Heart Eco Warmer can be picked up from Strapya and Amazon. And if you wanna go truly green, then how about a green colored heart warmer? And for ones who are feeling blue, the heart also comes in blue shade too.

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