• Eco-Ferragamo bags from Salvatore Ferragamo to sport an eco-friendly style

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    And here’s some green stuff for the eco-fashionistas who wouldn’t want to trade in their haute couture lifestyle to soothe their eco-conscious. Salvatore Ferragamo has unveiled a new line of handbags for the spring. Aptly named, Eco-Ferragamo, the line consists of environmentally friendly bags. These eco-handbags are dyed using tannins derived from tree bark. Crafted out of such metal free colored leather, the bags are lined with handwoven hemp too. Though green at heart, these biodegradable and water resistant, uber chic fashion bags don glamorous shades of tobacco brown, lemon yellow, and grapefruit pink. For $1,190 to $1,890, dangle one on your shoulder to prove that green stands for high-end fashion too.

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