• Eco-Fashion: Divas go green with Eco IT Bag

  • Eco_IT_bag.jpg The mere mention of an eco-friendly handbag conjures up images of cloth, jute or bamboo sacks that fail to make its presence in the hoity-toity world of fashionistas. But Vegan Queen steps in to break this myth with its ultra-chic, eco-friendly handbags for the eco-divas of the current generation. Wear you green attitude up your sleeve with this IT bag. Christened as Eco IT Bag, the maker asserts that this small bowling bag is crafted out of 100% PVC eco-polymer vegetal leather. Even the inside is lined with 100% cotton terry lining. For $650, it sports a VQ engraved recycled crest medallion too.

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on December 16, 2008