• Easy to dispose and assemble kids furniture made from cardboard

  • kids-furniture.jpg
    Kids grow. That’s a gospel truth. And they outgrow their clothes and the cute furniture you purchased a short while ago real quickly. And this does usually lead to waste, with you throwing away all the outgrown furniture. So, here’s a bit of kid furniture that you can dispose-off easily. No more buying of plastic furniture that you’ll have dumped soon. This easy-to-assemble furniture set is made of cardboard and can be put together without any glue or adhesive. Once complete, the furniture can take weights of up to 315lbs for the table and 750lbs for the stools. We’re pretty sure your kid doesn’t weigh that much though, making this a sturdy, light-weight and eco-friendly furniture for you constantly growing child.

    The only set back here is the $150 price tag which makes this set of furniture as worthless a buy than the other kid furniture available. The advantage, these expensive cardboard pieces are eco-friendly!

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