• Deux FM’s Mystique eco-friendly bikini

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    This eco-friendly business is getting really serious. After considering all the solar energy from the sun and all that, now some wide guy has turned towards apparel in the sun. It is the Deux FM’s Mystique Bikini and it is an eco-friendly swimsuit. It is a string bikini made from remnant fabric, nautical rope and organic cotton and has a bow-shaped bust. This so called ‘sexy’ thing comes in three colours – black, red and eggplant. By eggplant I feel they are mentioning purple? Ah well, you are serving the nation and the world extensively I feel with this bit. Show some skin for the male hormones and be glad that it is eco-friendly. Don’t know how much this would cost, but someone can gift this to Paris Hilton as she would be more than happy to do something good for the world, in more ways than one.

    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on June 3, 2009