• Designer bags integrating solar panels work as reading lamps and juice up your phone

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    Who said solar power has no place in the world of fashion and luxury? Well, designers like Diane Von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Rogan, Loomstate, Vena Cava sure don’t think the same at least, who created these ELLE/Portable Light Project bags that integrate solar panels. The bags will go on sale on eBay starting July 5. Flip through last month’s ELLE and you’ll stumble across these bags that are sure to make you drool before we say SOLAR! The designers, along with a Boston architect, designed these bags that use a technology termed he Flexible Light and Power pack (FLAP).

    They pack a USB port, LED lights, rechargeable battery, and a flexible solar panel, all integrated into the bag itself. The FLAP pack can be used to juice up your cell phone and also as a reading light, just incase you land up in low light areas, without access to a power outlet. Now, carrying a bag like this to such environments sure seems unlikely, but the innovation put into it is just awesome!

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