• CrossFit, a green and energy-saving way to fitness

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    Gyms are great to give your body a fitter edge. However, given the fact that these spaces have air-conditioning and lighting installations running through the day, they aren’t really the most environment-friendly way to fitness. Well, that’s where CrossFit steps up! This extremely popular and effective way to a healthy life turns a workout into more than just a pampering session, using gyms that more often than not, have no air-conditioning at all!

    Most importantly, CrossFit doesn’t require the services of energy-hungry exercise machines found in contemporary gyms. Instead, CrossFit gyms occupy low floor space with equipment limited to pull-up bars mounted along the walls and stacks of free weights, barbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, ab mats, and wooden boxes. Then again, if you’re really looking for a green way to fitness, hop onto a bicycle folks!

    [Via – Treehugger]

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