• Cow manure to power up HP data center

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    HP has never really thought of cow manure and their data centers at the same time before. The guys there came up with now to combine manure and the heat produced by data centers to create an economically and environmentally sustainable operation. 10,000 dairy cows in a farm, answering natures call, could help fulfill the power requirements of a 1-megawatt (MW) data center, with additional power to use on the farm too. The heat produced by the data centers can then be used to help with the anaerobic digestion of animal waste. A process like this produces methane, which can then be used to power up the data center.

    A cow produces 20 metric tons of manure per year, and 55 kg in a day, enough to generate 3.0 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical energy. A farm with 10,000 cows producing manure is sure to power up a data center in future.

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