• Cool Cushion Car Seat – An eco-friendly way to cool off as you drive

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    All of us are aware that car air conditioners consume a lot of fuel. This further leads to increased cost of transport and the pollution caused by the vehicles significantly harms the environment. A simple and affordable solution to this is the Suzukaze Cool Cushion Car Seat from Kuchofuku. This car seat has an embedded fan, which pulls 120 liters of air per minute through the cushion and circulates it under and around your body. This helps to get rid of heat and moisture around the back of your body, which sweats a lot while driving. It works efficiently using your car battery, helping you save on the gallons of fuel you otherwise burn while you cool off! It’s the best, cheap, eco-friendly and affordable solution to stay cool while you drive.
    The cushion can easily be fastened to any car seat and the internal spacer material provides optimum support and comfort as you drive. This revolutionary product is priced at $155 and is available at Store.

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