• Convenience store powered by photovoltaics constructed by Daiwa House Industry Co Ltd

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    Well, the Japanese prefer picking up their groceries in a renewable energy-powered environment. At least that’s what Daiwa House Industry Co Ltd took into consideration while building this convenience store. The store is equipped with a lithium-ion battery system hooked on to photovoltaic modules to power up LED lighting equipment and an energy management system too. This will keep the stores lights and refrigerators powered up. The batteries store surplus electricity to equalize the power load too.

    That’s not all. Incase of emergency situations like earthquakes, this store can be used as an evacuation center with electricity stored sufficing for a day. The photovoltaics produce around 10.08kW of energy using 56 modules by Sharp Corporation. The stores energy management system is developed by Nihon Techno. Greener convenience stores like these which reduce the strain on the grid are indeed a convenience when it comes to decreasing electricity bills and carbon footprints.

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