• Concept clock that tells time using sunlight, the Light Gap clock

  • Concept-clock-1.jpg
    Here’s a concept design that we’d sure as hell love to have on store shelves and in our homes! This solar powered time keeper called the Light Gap was designed by Chengyuan Wei, Fangtian Ying, Duyin Qin, Pengxiang Jia, Fan Zhang, Huabiao Shan, Yu Zhang, Chen Zheng, Guanyun Wang & Lifu Yao and is a Red Dot Concept Design entry for the year 2010. The clock integrates solar panels on its back. To get it ticking, all you need to do is stick it on to a window that lets in plentiful sunlight. The sunlight illuminates the slit on the face of the clock to form an hour hand. The clock soaks also in the sun and powers charges up the batteries with green energy. At night, the batteries power up the LEDs in the slit that fulfil the function of sunlight, during dark hours.

    A great concept indeed, this clock is a masterpiece of renewable energy use and design!

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