• Commercial Surveillance Systems & Fleet Management

  • Technology has already revolutionized numerous sectors today. The use of systems and software to increase productivity, improve accountability and make work easier has been witnessed in today’s world. It is also worth mentioning that people are embracing such technologies in many sectors, and fleet management is not an exception. Particularly, fleet companies have substantially embraced the use of commercial surveillance systems. If you are a fleet manager, owner or even a driver, there is a lot that you should know about commercial surveillance systems.

    What Are Commercial Surveillance Systems?
    This is a technology that allows people to remotely monitor the progress of work. It is a combination of both hardware and software that are connected through the internet to provide the mentioned solutions. Commercial surveillance systems are applicable anywhere like in buildings and fleet companies.

    Today, fleet managers can install surveillance systems that will monitor all that is happening when the fleet vehicles are in the field conducting various operations. The managers and owners will access the information in real time as enabled by high-speed internet.

    Commercial Surveillance Systems in Fleet Companies
    · Dashboard cameras – most people who are in the fleet business are familiar with dashcams. Initially, they would record the journey because the dashcams face the road ahead. The footage would then be recorded to be viewed later. But today, these cameras have become smart; they will record when necessary and send the footage in real time back to the fleet company.

    · Passenger-counting systems – for better accountability, this system comes in handy. It is a combination of cameras and sensors that are installed in the doorways of commercial vehicles to determine the number of passengers who are boarding and alighting. They send the information in real time as well. Thus, the fleet company should install devices like the one found on the Eyeride website for high-speed internet, which will relay the information in real time.

    · GPS system – this is another surveillance system that is used to locate the position of fleet vehicles at any one time. It is one of the oldest surveillance technologies in this sector, and it has improved over time. Today, GPS technology is smarter and can provide more surveillance information than just the location of fleet vehicles.

    · Drones – these are the latest surveillance technology that is used by fleet companies. Unlike most other technology that is installed in fleet vehicles, drones are positioned in certain areas to monitor traffic, accident scenes or any other things related to the fleet.

    Benefits of Surveillance Systems in Fleet Companies
    Now that you know the common surveillance systems used in fleet companies, it is worth knowing a few of the benefits. First of all, technology has been a game changer in the sector. Productivity has increased. However, accountability has been the main benefit associated with these systems.

    If you have not considered any for your company, it is time to improve the services that you offer by taking advantage of these surveillance systems. In addition to reducing expenses in the long run, which is another benefit, they also help satisfy all your customers.

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