• Color changing carbon-monoxide detecting shirt

  • warning signs from Susan Ngo on Vimeo.
    Well, we’ve never seen a color changing shirt before, not counting laundry disasters like fading and such. Neither have we ever come across a shirt that detects pollution! So, stumbling across this one sure had us all amazed. Developed by two graduate students in NYU’s interactive telecommunications program, Nien Lam and Sue Ngo, just two of these currently exits. One uses a heart and the other has a pair of lungs. Each of these has blue veins that glow out loud every time high carbon levels are detected. This one sure will keep the wearer well aware of the carbon monoxide levels around!

    Well, we aren’t sure what good that’ll come to, except having passers-by stare in amazement. Maybe a carbon monoxide absorbing shirt would sure help a lot!

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