• Coldpack’s AirLiner is an eco-friendly alternative for Styrofoam

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    Though there are varied applications of Styrofoam, the most common ones any layman can identify with are disposable coffee cups and as coolers or packaging material. However this non-degradable product adds on to our landfills, raising environment concerns. To combat this eco-problem, Coldpack has come up with a green, resourceful inflatable, insulating cooler liner for packaging purpose. The new eco-friendly material, AirLiner, requires half the raw materials, water, and energy to produce compared in comparison to styrofoam. Also the alarming amount of trash can be eliminated and landfill impact can be reduced by as much as 19.1 billion cubic feet per year. This nifty material is not only a fantastic insulator but also renders 400 percent more cushioning than styrofoam. The key to AirLiner’s ability to cushion, protect and maintain constant temperature is its award-winning, patented internal heat-barrier technology.

    It is manufactured using layers of reflective barrier film that are sealed into a proprietary design which blocks heat transfer, keeping products protected longer. Ideal to maintain constant temperatures, hot or cold, this material is better alternative to ship stuff like pharmaceuticals, biotech products, high-end seafood, meats, gourmet foods, chocolates, fresh cut flowers, live tropical fish and other specialty industrial material products.
    Further more, it cuts down on costs too as it ships and stores flat. It also occupies 96 percent less warehouse space than required by foam boxes.

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