• Clothes to tell you if the environment is too polluted

  • DetectAir.jpg
    Imagine wearing a jacket that would tell you if the area you were entering was too polluted. This fantasy is made true by Industrial design students, Genevieve Mateyko and Pamela Troyer at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Canada, who have designed the “Detectair” jacket. Although this concept has been realised previously by inventions such as the ‘Breathless Corset’, which could detect if the amount of CO2 present around you was too high, the DetectAir is a step ahead of its competition. Detectair gauges the presence of other toxins such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, nitrogen oxide along with carbon dioxide in the surroundings. It indicates the levels of these toxins by using an arrangement of LEDs that looks similar to human lungs and branches of blood vessels along with using small vibrators placed inside the jacket.

    This jacket could be very useful to warn people who are sensitive to these substances. It could also bring in a new trend of being healthy while looking smart.

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