• Champagne bottles to shed weight to reduce carbon footprint

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    Those bulky champagne bottles you’ve been popping all along at parties will now undergo a weight loss. The bottle, originally designed by a Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Perignon will have a makeover of sorts, and shed its weight around its shoulder, to cut out on carbon emissions. And how will this help? Transporting champagne bottles around the globe today leaves a carbon footprint of somewhere around 200,000 metric tones. Owing to its size and weight, the bottles cost more to transport and produce. So, its time they shed the weight. But if you’ve been wondering how slim will these get, you need not think too much, since the bottles will look just the same, just weigh a lot lighter.

    Unlike the old champagne bottles that weighed 900 grams, the new ones way 835 grams. This should help cut down on around 8,000 metric tons of carbon every year. So your glass of sparkling gold bubbles will now not have created as much of an environmental impact as it used to before, when you’d unknowingly pop it open, ignorant of the carbon footprint.

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