• CES 2011, the greenest show in America with a carbon footprint of 179,000 tons

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    Its time for the CES trade show to kick off yet again in Las Vegas, this year highlighting sustainability and green IT. And Consumer Electronics Association, the guys running the CES show are making sure it stays as green as possible. The CES website lists the green efforts put into this one, including cutting paper printing by 50 percent, recycling nearly two-thirds of the waste from the show and choosing venues that have worked to cut water and energy use. The 2011 edition of CES will feature technological advancements in green building, alternative energy technologies, green business services and solutions, smart grid technologies and loads more. However, ironically, this show, aiming to show off a bunch of green to the world, will be creating a carbon footprint of 179,000 tons of CO2 emissions for the four-day event!

    This makes the greenest technology show in America, somewhat hypocritical to its self-proclamation! And then again, there’s no better way than stamping a carbon footprint that large, or simply canceling the show!
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