• Catching Wind Power turbine helps protect birds from accidental deaths

  • Wind-energy turbines might’ve proved a boon to city grids, powering up homes with green and renewable energy. However, the pleasantness of the situation doesn’t extend to our feathered friends, who often run into these huge fan-like machines and are killed. Jerry Lynch, president of Sigma Design Co. along with 89-year-old World War II veteran Raymond Green, has come up with an innovative technique to keep birds away from wind turbines and reduce deaths. As per statistics, nearly 400,000 flying creatures are killed annually, and the Catching Wind Power Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine could very well help decrease those numbers substantially. Using no external blades, this concept uses inner-compression cone technology that essentially squeezes incoming air, in turn increasing power output and reducing sound! An innovative solution that not only helps protect our flying wildlife but also increases energy generation, the Catching Wind Power concept is bound to catch on quickly.


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