• Carborigami, cardboard home for the disaster-stricken

  • carborigami1.jpg
    A short while ago, we came across the Life Cube, an inflatable tent designed to be used in disaster struck places as a relief to those left homeless. Here’s yet another effort, green and eco-friendly, that can help victims of calamities shelter. Known as the Cardborigami, this design was put into place by architecture student Tine Hovsepian and draws inspiration from origami, a Japanese art of paper folding. Made from corrugated cardboard, the Cardborigami is fire-proof and water-proof too. It can be carried around pretty easily taken that it’s light and weight and foldable. Setting this one up isn’t too difficult either!

    A good place for victims and the homeless to rest their tired feet, the Cardborigami concept is sure to catch on soon!
    [Igreen spot]

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